Corona Virus

Driving Lessons with Go For It during the Corona Virus Pandemic


Go For It Driving School are still taking bookings for when we open up so -

Contact Rob to book in ASAP

Fortunatly Go For It Driving School for driving lessons in Sheffield and South Yorkshire can offer driving lessons to Keyworkers this time round, but these must be booked through the DVLA in the first place.

Our Male and Female instructors are ready and willing to help with weekly or if needed for that intensive course you may need.

We are planning to start normal lessons ASAP when we are allowed to, though you can still pre book with us now for that date if you would like to beat the rush and get to the front of the queue.

Contact Rob on - 07855798052 by text or phone call. Or email or message us via Facebook, messenger or whatsapp

To confirm we plan to start driving lessons in Sheffield and surrounding areas to all customers ASAP (pending any changes or restrictions) please visit this page for regular updates on the resumption of driving lessons.

In the mean time get to work on your theory using our free Theory Test Pro App and we'll get on with your lessons as soon as we can.

Theory Test Pro is free for our customers


Driving Lessons and the Corona Virus

Updated 5th January 2021


    1/ Our instructors will be informed on how we can make your lessons as safe as possible.

    2/ Our instructors will need to see your provisional licence but will not handle it for obvious reasons

    3/ Our instructors will make sure their car is clean and wiped down with bacterial wipes before and inbetween each lesson.

    4/ Our instructors will be wearing masks and we hope you will too.

    5/ The windows on the car will be down to supply ventilation to the car unless the weather doesnt permit this.

    6/ We won't be handing out any information to be taken home until further notice

    7/ During this period our instructors may not turn to face you when teaching, we recommend you do the same.

    8/ If the instructor or pupil shows any signs of covid symptoms the the lesson will be terminated

    9/ We plan to use the government run track and trace system so if either our instructor is contacted or you are asked to self isolate, then please do and please let us know as many other people may also need to know.

    10/ Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after the lesson

    11/ Please pay by Bank Transfer before the lesson or bring the correct ammount of money to save having to give change.

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