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Well after 16 Years in the Driving instructor business I thought I'd pass my experiences, both past and

present on to not ony my current pupils, but my past and future pupils. I'll write on vaious subjects both

instructor related and non instructor related. Hopefully you'll find this not only gives you an incite into life

as an instructor but hopefully at times you'll find it entertaining and enlightening. Click on the links below

to access 'Rob's Blogs'

My Life as a Driving Instructor

What's it like to be a driving instructor, from the Qualifying procedure to general life as a driving instructor and the business side. Read about my experiences by clicking here.

My 2020 journey to becoming a Driving Instructor.

So Jack Hulley is my son and he's followed in my foot steps and become a driving instructor.  Click here to read Jack's take on becoming a driving instructor.

Rob's top test tips

Click here for my top test tips to help get you through your driving tests. From Mock Tests to those confidence boosting last minute Pre-Test thoughts.  

The Automatic Revolution!

Click here to read about how the automatic car Revolution is sweeping the nation. From Petrol and Diesel automatic cars to the new Hybrid and Electric cars that are growing in sales Year by Year 

How to find the perfect instructor for you!

Of course it's me :) But I won't be too biased!  Read how Rob would find the perfect instructor for you and tips on where to look and what to look for by clicking here.

The Covid Years!

Click here to read about how Covid-19 has impacted on driving lessons so far. From lockdown to Lockdown. How it affected lessons and tests, to what I did to combat the boredom.